Clinic “The 5th point” is the only private clinic in the Far East that specializes in treatment of large intestine (colon) and rectum diseases.

A rapid recent growth of proctologic diseases all over the world caused appearing of a new specialty – coloproctology in Russia in 1997; though outside the country the same special centers have already worked for more than a century. In the 50th -60th of the last century the history of a home-proctology started  on the base of surgical departments  of multi-disciplinary hospitals which grew into huge centers and still prolong their  successful existence nowadays.

Why is “the 5th point”? Because we want the name of the clinic to become a common noun and people not to be afraid of problems of this kind as such problems can cause rather serious consequences.

Proctologic diseases very often compete with urological and gynecological diseases because of their close location. So rather a wide range of urological and gynecological service will be suggested for our clinic patients’ comfort.

With the latest technology in surgery and modern equipment we have minimized patient’s hospital staying up to one day.

A special pride of the clinic is our stuff. Most of our doctors are graduates of the Military Medical Academy by Makarov S. M. in St. Petersburg. They’ve got great experience in their spheres, scientific degrees and academic titles and constant studies in Russia and abroad.

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A one-day surgery

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